A Faithless Faith? Is Religion without a Supernatural Leap Valid?

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This is the talk given by the Rev. Steve Wilson on the 22nd of January, 2012.

Is there really religion beyond faith, and if so what?
Is faith in God/a Goddess, Jesus or something similar, …something bigger,… essential for an effective, practical, valuable, contemporary religious/spiritual life?  Is belief in something bigger… essential to religion? Honestly, seriously, is some leap of faith required?  And what does it look like when you don’t feel like you can?
It is a great question. And I ask it because we as humans –here in the 21st Century-knowing all that we now know, and all that we don’t know…have never been in this position before.  And I ask it, because it is our question to train and churn on.  It is …. OUR  question to get right. I ask it because we can’t save religion from itself, and irrelevancy unless we address this question honestly and well.

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