Worship, World and Wonder

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by Rev. Geoff Usher

Some words by Jacob Trapp:
“Put Off Thy Shoes”
So it was said to Moses at the burning bush.
“Put off the shoes of the habitual,” said an Hasidic rabbi. Let your bare feet touch the ground. Experience things afresh.
“He who can no longer stand rapt in wonder and awe,” said Einstein, “is as good as dead. His eyes are closed.”
“If the doors of perception are opened,” said William Blake, “then everything will appear as it is, infinite.”
“From the touch of my feet to the grass,” said Walt Whitman,” spring a hundred affections.”
Those words express what, ideally, worship ought to be, or, more precisely, what worship ought to inspire. Jopie Boeke a true story, told by a professor who taught at the seminary she attended.

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