Spiritual Economy

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Sermon by the Reverend Geoff Usher, given at the Spirit of Life Unitarian Fellowship, Sunday 21 June 2015.

My brother David conducted the annual service for the Ministerial Old Students Association’s Meeting at Harris Manchester College, Oxford, on Wednesday 2 July 2003. His sermon was on “Spiritual Economy”. It was an excellent sermon, and I want to share it with you today.
A couple of years previously, David represented the Ministerial Fellowship at a conference at Whalley Abbey, just down the road from Padiham where he was then Minister. The conference was put on by an organisation called MODEM, an acronym standing for Management and Organisational Development in Ministry. The purpose of MODEM is to bring the skills of management into closer harmony with the mission of ministry, and vice versa, to bring the spirit of ministry into the workplace. David is interested in such things, so he went along very willingly.

The full text of the sermon is available here.