Food and fools

A talk given by Neil Inall.

It’s a beautiful day outside isn’t it? When we meet family or friends or associates there are two main questions…the first about health and the second about the weather. Hasn’t it been hot, hasn’t it been cold, hasn’t it been humid. Seldom in Australia do we say “hasn’t been wet. I am sick of rain”. Rarely do we make this observation in this the driest of all continents apart from Antartica. If you look at the monthly rainfall figures on the Internet you will see that once again its been a poor wet season in the far north of the country…. and its dry through most of the inland. If you have friends at Tamworth or Broken Hill—certainly Tamworth people will have told you how they have to carry water for their gardens and have done so for many months.
The cotton harvest is about to start in northern NSW and also in Queensland. This harvest will be down 50 percent on last year..50 percent!!
What does that mean in dollars?

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One Response to “Food and fools”

  1. Jan Tendys on June 16th, 2015 12:02 pm

    Neil,agree with you re Liverpool Plains. About GM foods – they should be judged on their merits and not just automatically ruled in or out.. Can’t agree with your last paragraph. It would be a help to mitigate climate change if people ate less meat, especially ruminants which expel a lot of greenhouse causing gas – yes, it does add up. And it has been known for many years that, with Australia’s thin topsoil, hard hoofed animals are damaging. We should be farming & eating kangaroos if Australians could bring themselves to eat their national animal. Their flesh is low in cholesterol too.

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