Let’s Dream Together

( A talk presented by Candace Parks on 11 July, 2010. )
Although still relatively unknown in Sydney, Unitarianiam has quite a following in the US.  Gary Kowalski is a well-known Unitarian minister and author from Burlington, Vermont and in line with the strong sense of community and support amongst Unitarians around the world, Gary has kindly agreed for his talks to be used by other smaller congregations – especially those without a minister.
Born and raised in Vermont and having attended university in Burlington, Candace feels a strong connection to Gary’s views and manner of expression.  This talk in particular showcases his sense of humour.
To read the talk or listen to it in Gary’s own voice, go to http://www.uusociety.org/sermons.html and select the talk for March 21 2010.  Enjoy!


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