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7 October,  Rev. Daniel Jantos, “Where’s Waldo?”
Sometimes comparisons are not helpful. But given that caution, I am noticing certain gaps in the Australian religious landscape. This is of course just from my own perspective of returning to Australia after having lived in the United States for the past 30 years. I am missing Emerson here. I am missing the influence of what is called in the U.S., “the American Renaissance.” This talk will be an exploration of that movement, Emerson’s thinking and influence, and some reflections and questions about those influences and religious life in Australia.

 14 October, No meeting.

 21 October, Rev. Geoff Usher, “Toilet paper and Tolerance.”
Religious liberals can too easily fall into the trap of a liberal dogmatism which is merely a left-wing intolerance.  Sometimes we pride ourselves for our openness, tolerance and diversity, when in fact we are prepared to be open and tolerant only provided that other people think the same way as we do.

 28 October,  Martin Horlacher, “The Bicameral Mind and the Birth of Modern Human Consciousness.” 
In 1976, consciousness researcher and theorist (and Unitarian Universalist) Julian Jaynes published “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind”.  In this groundbreaking but highly controversial book, he argued that, prior to about 1,000 BCE, human consciousness existed in a radically different form from today – one in which the human mind was unable to reason and articulate about mental contents through introspection or meta-reflection.  Although a contentious thesis, this idea has found a considerable degree of support in the psychological and philosophical community, and may indeed have some bearing on our own modern age.