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6 May, Rev. Geoff Usher: “In What Do We Trust?
When people ask the question: “Do you believe in God?” they usually mean: “Do you believe in MY God?” And usually, if we are to be truthful, the only reply we as Unitarians can give must be: “Probably not.”

13 May, No meeting

20 May, Martin Horlacher: “Chaos & Gaia: The Maccabean Revolt, Hellenistic
Philosophy, and Ideology Against Reason.”
Small stones can cast large ripples. Depending on how you look at it, the Maccabean Revolt of 167 BC was either the triumph of an oppressed people against their oppressors, or a missed opportunity for humanity as a whole to embrace enlightenment. Had Hellenistic philosophy won the day, as opposed to Abrahamic religion, how differently might the last 2,100 years of human history leading up to today have turned out?

27 May, Morandir Armson: “Colourful, Exuberant, and Happy: An Examination of
Religious Festivals.”
The world is full of festivals. You can throw tomatoes, run with bulls, or roll cheeses. Far more interesting, however, are festivals rooted in religious beliefs and cultural observances. They give you a glimpse into the rich human imagination and have a serious side: commemorating the dead, imploring the help of saints or gods, giving hope for a better future. This presentation will examine a number of religious festivals, seeking to find some of their core features.