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24th February, Rev Dan Jantos: “Frameworks of Acknowledgement.”

3rd March, Morandir Armson: “Scientology, New Religious Movements, and Cults.”
Scientology is one of the most high-profile New Religious Movements that currently exist. Because of their courting of famous actors and musicians, they are in the news with some regularity. Bot how much of the contemporary folklore which exists around the Church of Scientology is based on reality? This presentation will examine the Church of Scientology, their history, their beliefs, and their practices.”

10th March,  No meeting (Kirribilli Markets)

17th March, Martin Horlacher: “False Dawns, Straw Dogs and Agonistic Liberalism: An Analysis of the Political and Philosophical Arguments of John Gray”
British philosopher John Gray is a controversial figure. In several influential books and notable lectures and interviews, he argues that free market globalisation is an unstable Enlightenment project currently in the process of disintegration, and also attacks philosophical humanism, a worldview he sees as originating in religions. Most contentious, however, is his theory of “agonistic liberalism” – the idea that conflict, rather than discussion, is the basis of social change.

24th March, Colin Whatmough: “The Acid Sea”
At last it has been accepted that Climate Change is indeed a hard reality that is playing out faster than expected. However, we have mainly concentrated on the effect of Climate Change on the terrestrial and atmospheric environments.
It is also concerning that  the CO2 we pump into the air is seeping into the oceans and slowly acidifying them. Thus, we may ask if in 100 years from now, will e.g. oysters,mussels and coral reefs, survive?

31st March, Rev Geoffrey Usher: “Bandages for the Heart.”
Our society is constantly and rapidly changing and is often troubled. One basic reality remains constant: human beings are caring creatures. From birth to death, in all the experiences of life, we must care and be cared for. Erich Fromm wrote:”We all carry bandage in our hearts for the world’s wrongs – There is not a single problem that can’t be solved by caring.”