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Some of our talks are given in full on our blog and are available for use by others. Please acknowledge the author and our Fellowship.



3 June, Martin Horlacher: “Identities: The Other and Us”
We all want and need to be part of a “group” – it’s one of the most fundamental aspects of human nature, our need to have an identity. And yet, all too often, it’s so incredibly easy to go along with pack mentality – “groupthink” – instead of using critical thought and our own individual reasoning. What is needed, arguably, is more of a balance of both, particularly in today’s volatile world.

10 June, No meeting.

17 June, Rev. Geoff Usher: “Keeping Our Chalice Alight”
The Flaming chalice—or the chalice and Flame—has become the internationally recognised and adopted symbol of our Unitarian—or Unitarian Universalist—faith. The lighting of our chalice normally constitutes an important part of the opening minutes of our worship services, although it remains free of any single, set ritual or formula.

24 June, Helen Whatmough: “Trust in Our Everyday Life”