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4 March, Martin Horlacher: “Tradition: Faith, Power, and the Ties That Bind”
Tradition still has an undeniable hold over much of Western society. But is it for the better…or is a good deal of radical re-thinking required?

11 March, No meeting

18 March, Rev. Geoff Usher: “ The God of the Gaps?”
Modern cosmology—the study of the world around us — has forced many people to consider religious questions in relation to science itself. It seems that the more we discover, the more religious questions we face—particularly questions about the emergence of spirituality in modern cosmologies.

25 March, Rev. John Clifford: “450 years since Torda: memory of a dead horse or reminder for today?”
We’re proud of our history but is it worth more than warm feelings? What can a closer look at Torda show us about tolerance?