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 2 December, Rev Rex Hunt, “Christmas: An Extremely Difficult Gig to Christianise”

• Since its inception Christmas has been debated, ignored, celebrated, banned, and reshaped.
• A study of its development suggests this festival has always been a weaving together of popular culture and religion.
• It’s past the time for all who seek to explore thought, to engage the mind imagining rather than just engaging the mind thinking.
• It may not be going too far to say that Christmas has always been an extremely difficult occasion to Christianise!

9 December, No meeting

16 December , Carolyn Donnelly: “Looking Forwards and Looking Back
Your contributions of recollections, hopes, aspirations, in the form of readings, poems, humorous anecdotes, items or songs, music etc., most welcome, and indications of your participation would be appreciated, to be sent to me by early December so that I can cobble them together for the presentation on the day.